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Let’s summarize some of what you’ll know after completing this online vocal coaching course

  • Finally no more guesswork! Learn what you need to know by an expert who breaks it all down in plain english..

  • Remove the choking from your high notes leaving them to sound free, open and pro.

  • Transform your existing voice into a great singing voice.

  • Add power and control without straining. Feel the magic in your voice with this online vocal coaching course.

Can anyone learn to sound great?

Mike began with ZERO singing ability. Out of tune, poor tone. Listen to him now!

What you will learn

Especially designed to build your voice from scratch

  • 1

    Session 1: Essential Fundamentals

    • PDF Manual

    • Meet your new coach

    • How vocal training works the fastest

    • Understanding your Instrument

    • 10 Myths around singing (that you may think are true and even try to do!)

    • Application Exercises

    • Session checklist

  • 2

    Session 2: Basic daily warm-up

    • PDF Manual

    • Low male range scales download

    • High male range scales download

    • Female range scales downlod

    • Daily warm-up exercises

    • Session checklist

  • 3

    Session 3: Understanding Ranges

    • PDF Manual

    • Session Three training

    • Discovery Exercises

    • Application Exercises

    • Session checklist

  • 4

    Session 4: Session 3 Reinforcement

    • Session 3 Reinforcement

  • 5

    Session 5: Taming the Tongue (Major session 4)

    • PDF Manual

    • Session five training

    • Discovery Exercises

    • Application Exercises

    • Session Checklist

  • 6

    Session 6: Session 5 Reinforcement

    • Session 5 Reinforcement

  • 7

    Session 7: Keeping the throat open on high notes (Major session 5)

    • PDF Manual

    • Session Seven training

    • Discovery Exercises

    • Application Exercises

    • Session checklist

  • 8

    Session 8: Session 7 Reinforcement

    • Session 7 Reinforcement

  • 9

    Session 9: Efficiency - Your guide to complete breath control and power (Major session 6)

    • PDF Manual

    • Session nine training

    • Discovery Exercises

    • Application Exercises

    • Session Checklist

  • 10

    Session 10: Session 9 Reinforcement

    • Session 9 Reinforcement

  • 11

    Session 11: The Soft Palate (Major session 7)

    • PDF Manual

    • Session eleven training

    • Discovery Exercises

    • Application Exercises

    • Session checklist

  • 12

    Session 12: Session eleven Reinforcement

    • Session 11 Reinforcement

  • 13

    Session 13: developing the tone control of your voice (Major session 8)

    • PDF Manual

    • Session thirteen training

    • Discovery Exercises

    • Application Exercises

    • Session Checklist

  • 14

    Session 14: Session 13 reinforcement

    • Session 13 Reinforcement

  • 15

    Session 15: Adding Intensity (Major session 9)

    • PDF Manual

    • Session fifteen training

    • Discovery Exercises

    • Application Exercises

    • Session Checklist

  • 16

    Session 16: Session 15 reinforcement

    • Session 15 Reinforcement

  • 17

    Session 17: Sing powerfully with a relaxed face (Major session 10)

    • PDF Manual

    • Session seventeen training

    • Discovery & Application Exercises

    • Session checklist

  • 18

    Session 18: Session 17 reinforcement

    • Session 17 Reinforcement

  • 19

    Session 19: How to navigate words like a pro (Major session 11)

    • PDF Manual

    • Session nineteen training

    • Navigating Vowels

    • Navigating Consonants

    • Session Checklist

  • 20

    Session 20: Session 19 support

    • Session 19 Reinforcement

  • 21

    Session 21: Putting it all together - Part 1 (Major session 12)

    • PDF Manual

    • Session twenty one training

    • Application Exercises

    • Session Checklist

  • 22

    Session 22: Putting it all together - Part 2 (Major session 13)

    • PDF Manual

    • Session twenty two training

    • Application Exercises

    • Session checklist

Meet your coach


Paul Sykes

Paul is a highly trained expert in vocal coaching. Over 35 years of industry experience, thousands of gigs, untold studio hours and has conducted over 40,000 coaching sessions to people from all over the world. He specializes in making singers from non-singers by combining sound knowledge of the human body with intuition and experience and presenting it in a way that the person on the street can understand.

What others have to say

Meet Maurice

Meet Matt

Here are some clips of my amazing students...

Watch Ben work on some Muse

Ben came to Paul as a 14 year old with absolutely no singing skill. He's still developing but he's on his way to being very very good soon.

Watch Lauren add power and efficiency to Ain't No Mountain

Lauren came with a good baseline of skill. With Paul, shes been working on developing efficiency and power and also exploring different emotional components to the voice to develop commanding performances.

Watch Jess develop her playing and singing dynamics to some Anastacia

In this session, we were working on the dynamics of her songs to create interesting performances that sound pro and that people will want to listen to right to the end.

What others say about Paul's coaching

Recent Google reviews

Learning new skills

Kaine Duggan

Paul is an amazing teacher and that only scratches the surface of not only the teacher, but the person he is. I wanted to learn how to sing and what Paul taught me was incredibl. Within a few lessons I had learnt new skills and gained confidence in my singing. He has a wide range of training skills that allow him to cater for your specific way of learning, if you do not understand something, he is able to teach you another way and still meet the end goal.

If I could give more than 5 stars, I would

Heath Gillespie

I have always wanted to sing. Didn’t know where to start! 6 lessons later with Paul of Vocalpro, and i have built confidence and made big improvements to my singing voice. If it was possible to give more than 5 stars I would.

Very Knowledgeable

Jess G

After recently engaging Paul's expertise i can wholeheartedly say he is one of the best. I've learnt so much and he is so eager to pass on his knowledge to make you a better singer. Very professional, very knowledgeable and will work just as hard as you to get you results! Thanks Paul! Looking forward to the rest of this journey!

Our Guarantee

30 Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee

We love music, the music industry, coaching, developing voices… And we love happy customers that stay with us for years and experience the magic of our online vocal coaching. If for any reasons, you feel this course didn’t deliver to your expectations, simply email us and we’ll cheerfully refund you 100%, no questions asked.